Aircom Avionics Technologies, 

has been servicing avionics requirements since it was established in 1971.

Early contracts in the 1970’s-1980’s saw our involvement servicing fixed wing and rotary wing operators; during the James Bay Hydro Electric Power Projects.

We have also established ground base H.F systems, communication and N.D.B navigation aids.

Through the 1980’s to present day, we have been involved with domestic and overseas contracts in Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Our staff has over 85 years of combined experience in the industry worldwide & our quality work and technical support ensures complete client satisfaction.


“Aircraft down time is lost revenues!”

What we do:

                                Avionics modifications, upgrades and retrofits

                                Harness completion and repair

                                Engine and transmission hi-temp harnesses

                                Avionic sales for most major brands

                                Avionics accessiories sales and distribution

                                Technical support

                                Custom harness fabrication for home build projects

                                Comprehensive work reports and C.A.D. drawing packages

Special Mission:

                                Air ambulance

                                Law enforcement

                                Military Contracts

                                Forestry and Mining projects

                                Oil and Gas industry 

                                Film and Television projects

Approved model List:

                                Bell Helicopter 204 through 430 series

                                Airbus/Aerospatiale/Eurocopter  AS series and EC series rotorcraft

                                Hughes/McDonell Douglas/Schweitzer

                                Sikorski  S-58,S61, S76

                                Cessna, Piper, De Havilland aircraft

                                Augusta AW-139

Quality Assurance:

Annual audits are carried out by an independent approved source to ensure that we comply with the Canadian Aeronautical Regulations (C.A.R.’s) safety and maintenance practices; in accordance with part 571 & 573.